Tuesday, December 24, 2013

And so our story begins...

"You have always loved horses as soon as you knew what they were"... that phrase has been announced so many times at family gatherings I think I have every version of it memorized.

And as far as I know, it's true!

Unfortunately, despite all the pony books, dolls, trail rides for good grades, etc... no one thought to get me riding lessons. It wasn't until summer of my 9th grade year that I heard about an opportunity to work weekends for riding lessons.

I jumped onto that opportunity faster than a cat onto a mouse, and I haven't looked back.

Two degrees, and 11 years of mucking, sweeping, feeding, washing, cleaning, getting kicked, bitten, run over and generally abused by my beloved four-hooved equids for my riding lessons... I have achieved my dream.... I no longer have to work for lessons My first horse!

This is Ashe. His show name (when we are finally ready) will be "Pain In My Ashe"...

This blog is about us finding serenity.... Under the Shavings...

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