Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wait that ISN'T a snake?!

Had a breakthrough yesterday :)

We had a hard ride and he ended up rather sweaty. It was still hot out and so I decided to give the hose session a try.

We did it! I rinsed every inch of him off :) Of course how we got there is half the fun....

First, we stood at the VEEEERY end of the lead rope. He was relaxed, just didn't want to get any closer.

I sprayed the hose, he startled but stayed where he was.

Sprayed it again, moved the water stream close to him. Flinching but still stayed put. Began spraying all over his legs, then his chest, then his body. He stood there enjoying himself but I couldn't get ANY closer.

I began laughing at him and decided to take the hose sprayer off. Before, hose sprayer on or off it didn't matter but we were making good progress.

Well wouldn't you know it he let me get right up next to him and spray him all over both sides! So proud!

Now of course the proof of any good scientific experiment is the ability to replicate it... we'll see how it goes!

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