Saturday, July 19, 2014

HAPPY ONE YEAR / All Good Plans...

I have had Ashe for one year. WOOO! It's hard to believe, but looking back he has come a long way in this time :) And so have I.

Celebration Time!

Today we had an awesome, but tiring, riding lesson today. While our jumping is solid, getting him to the fences, especially the turns, has been extremely shaky.

So for the next month we will be continuing our trot sets, and working on dressage.

Needless to say Ashe is not happy about this...

Today we worked on connection through the bit and lightening his front... which meant he had to WORK. And so did I. My legs are wobbly from all the inside leg to outside rein as he's trying to be Gumby and counter bend against me.

I won, mostly. (It's the little victories right?)

Ashe has this thing down at a walk. At the trot he refuses and resists. So we did a lot of trotting.

And I mean a lot of trotting.

However we had a few moments where we connected, and near the end he was starting to look for that connection (at this point my whole body was exhausted so I couldn't meet him some of the time) while in the trot as well.

The canter departures were messy but we had two PERFECT departures that were light and easy and soft. Which obviously was promptly lost as he pealed out of the circle counter bending.

Hopefully my plans will stay put, I won't get sick and he won't get hurt so we can continue to improve.

My reward? We get to go cross country schooling in August if we can finally have a connected trot and controllable canter. WOO!

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