Monday, October 27, 2014

Sporadic Riding, Halloween Show!

Long time no post!

Let's see... I've had to deal with 3 weeks of antibiotics, an ear infection, and Ashe dealing with the leftovers of an abscess...

That said, we've slowly gotten back into work just in time for winter!

He's come a long way, we're doing out laterals almost straight now, and the fun show was perfect :) I've never seen him so relaxed away from home and our canter cues are becoming almost seamless.

We are also slowly re-introducing clippers and so far doing well.

Mom even rode him bareback the other day!

We're getting our balance down for the bounces, but trot poles are still a mass of limbs flying everywhere :P

Best seat in the world :) Fall Colors too!

Our wonderful Halloween Show costume and Egg on Spoon! He was my parrot (He hated the beak I made for him, it made his nose itch, so I went without).

So despite a major lapse in keeping up this blog, and riding off and on as best I can, we've done well :)

Here's to hoping we can keep it up this winter!

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