Thursday, January 28, 2016

Turning The Page...

Most people do this around New Years... or maybe Thanksgiving...

But we're coming to a new chapter in our partnership. The current barn we're at is retiring, and therefore we have to find a new place by the end of March. EEK.

I realized how much I adore the place I'm at and the care... and am planning on doing a big Thank You card for the owners. But I'm only a week into searching for a new place, and its difficult!

It also got me realizing just how far in two years we've come as a partnership.

He comes to me when whistled at in the field, he trusts me implicitly, we play together loose in the indoor, and we've gotten over so many of his fears already.

Then I found this, I made it at our 2 year mark... the difference for the both of us is astounding.

I'm so proud of us. And I know wherever we end up, we'll be okay.

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  1. Good luck finding a new place! Love the comparison pic!