Monday, July 18, 2016

Clinic! (And Hoses!)

Ashe has improved again with the hosing. He spooked at it (to be fair his chin got hit when I was getting his front legs from behind), pulled away and then came right back and let me finish everything. WITH the hose head attached rather than just free running water. Woo!

So we went to my trainer's clinic again this year :) 2 days overnight. I wish he'd get along in the field over the fence with her horses but alas, he has to stay stall bound except for supervised free time in the ring.  Last year's clinic (clicky!)

We did so much better! We did BN dressage test (I went off course the first time I did it, never done it before in my defense) and then jumped a "Student" designed jump course complete with a "pick your own" derby section! He even jumped his first corner without a second glance (the pipes apparently are optional to him and I have to "wide hand" it to get him to focus).

For dressage we need to work on connection and smoothness. And actually free walking :P

For jumps I need to work on my hands and getting stiff over smaller jumps. He needs to work on getting the correct lead and not diving into the turn off jumps.

Instead of bucking, he tried to roll with me under saddle but I will take it so +1 there!

Also looking at getting a new vest based on our safety discussions and am updating my first aid kit!

All in all it was great. Now for Videos!

Dressage (Round 2, because I forgot where I was going in Round 1)
 Also, I would fail because I am so used to using my voice to help him stay focused on me...

Student Designed Jump Course!

Practicing the Rollback to the Bending Line:

And at the end, we got to paint!

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