Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Little Bliss (and a New Jump Course!)

His sheath is back to normal (Thank goodness!) We believe he was stocking up there instead of his legs. Huzzah!

We've been working on lots of things as we get back into working for showing. Two days ago I learned he has a perfect stop for when I become unseated over a jump (took it really odd plus a mini buck had me on his neck). He takes such good care of me, even when I frustrate him.

Today we had a great ride :) I'm still learning exactly how I'm sitting off/blocking him with my seat so he gets cranky on the flat with me shifting around like a sack of potatoes. Our jumping is getting smoother again as well but I want to share my new favorite set up.

We don't have room for a full "regular" course, so I had to improvise based on a jump pattern I saw in a jumping book. The main portion down the middle of the ring is a bounce set with the middle rail just a pole on the ground (he's still learning how to balance himself) and then a long stretch into a ground pole. Then one jump on each side for a 45 degree bending line from the end. This was what I had seen in the book.

I then also added two jumps that could be jumped by going through the spaces between the angled jumps and the center pole.
       /          \

            -   /
       --  -

(note, distances and angles of key marks not representational of actual jump angles)

What is nice about this is that it has given me: bounce jump, bending lines that can be ridden both directions, single jumps, two jump sets and I can make numerous "courses" that deal with turning, change of leads and can be done both trotting and cantering (nothing above 2ft).

I'll work on getting some pictures when I can but he and I are loving this new pattern. He even free walks it without my input so I'm really happy he's doing his best to learn.

Here's to a wonderful new season of improvement!

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