Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Weight of Seat Aids and Frozen Willies

Good note: Swelling has reduced however not completely. Hoping to see improvement as the week goes and not have to call the vet. Trainer isn't sure why he is the way he is, but to keep an eye on it. She thought maybe frostbite, but there is no change in skin color or any damage to be seen.

However the main part of this blog is the simple yet complicated realization I achieved today during my riding lesson.

Seat aids have always eluded me. I don't know if it's because I am still unstable at times in the saddle, or the fact they were never taught to me until now and I have a lot of bad habits to undo...

Today we were working on lateral movements at the walk and trot. I had a lot of trouble getting him to bend/move to the right (moving left) in the lateral movements. My trainer pointed out that my weight (seat bones) were on the side of my cueing leg, not the opposite.

I swapped the seat bones (I looked like I was going to fall off according to her), and suddenly we were moving left much easier with some bend. It'll take some time as the right is his bad side anyway, but we'll get there!

We worked on where my seat needs to be through a few other exercises which increased his and I's ability to complete them.

He and I also managed to get some walk/trot calmly on the lunge! Big improvement. He's still very nervous of the lunge whip and extremely against any lunge work ( I think he was waaaay over NH'd by a past owner). We do short sessions with lots of praise.

Stay warm everyone!

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