Monday, March 17, 2014

It's getting warmer!

This past Saturday was amazing, and I hope it is a sign of what spring will be. 50's sunny with a slight chill to the wind. I actually was able to ride without half a dozen layers!

Even Ashe was enjoying himself!

But Moooooom, 5 more minutes??
Rode outside for the first time in months! After a few Bonkers "look, tense, step, tense, attempt to turn back to the barn" moments we did great, even went up the corn tunnel path at a nice trot and cantered a little as well :) The ground is soft, but firm (Ashe gives it a thumbs up for perfect mud bath weather!)

Hoping to attend a local fun show this weekend, however we'll have to see what the vet bill comes out to be. Spring shots plus a new coggins, oh how the wallet cries!

Also, we're going to be reestablishing some basics that were missed. Turning forehead/hind, leg yielding and backing straight all in hand and under saddle is my newest assignment before we progress any further for dressage. Also looking forward to jumping higher than 2ft again!

Also, had to show off our newest halter! I've always wanted a nice leather halter with a nameplate!

Ain't he a cutie? Who could imagine this innocent face is so devious!

Stay tuned!

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