Saturday, March 22, 2014

My arms hurt!

I spent nearly 3 hours at the barn today... doing what you ask?

Turning this:
Do you see the mud stain on his back leg??? That was ground in a month ago...
Note: No amount of currying was getting that out! I tried until my arms fell off.

Into this:
Much more presentable!

We got to about 60F today, and my trainer sprung on me that we're going to have a professional photographer at the Fun Show tomorrow... which of course is going to be 40F and windy... eugh.

That said we don't have hot water at the barn (yet... it's on the list to do!) so there was no way I was going to be able to bathe him. Trainer recommended Cowboy Magic waterless shampoo. Which would be perfect except Tractor Supply didn't have it...

Thankfully a lady at the barn did (THANK YOU) and let me use her's and that, along with hot toweling, curry combing and brushing.... 2.5 hours later you have a nearly white Ashe again :) 

We had a lovely desensitizing/you will stand lesson with the mini scissors I use to lightly trim his muzzle. He was having NO part of that (as in full body lurching backwards and running) and I had to resort to a nose chain as he think's he's trapped then so he stands still, no pulling, no jerking, no antics... it seemed to turn his brain back on. I normally would work through his issue over time, however I didn't want to accidentally poke him (they are blunted kiddy scissors but still) or pinch him with the scissors.

I will be buying a cheap pair of battery clippers to start desensitization so I can use those instead. He is used to the scissors, stood perfectly fine for a touchup of his bridle path, ears, and legs, but it just isn't as neat/close enough trim.

After that a quick in hand session to calm him down and get some positive back in the brain, a small "on/off" trailer reminder for tomorrow and he was settled in for the night with his dinner and peppermints. 

Tomorrow's show should be a blast! (though cold, WHY can't it be 60F like today??)

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