Thursday, May 8, 2014

Flymask Woes: Finally Solved?

Ashe seems to have issues with fly masks (and blankets, quarter sheets, jingly things and hoses). Last year, he destroyed the Cashel mask he wore. His ears were first to go (the poor boy has such big ears for his tiny cob head), and then he rolled the rest of it into oblivion.

What did you say about my ears???
This year I decided to go with the Absorbine mask. Even ordered one before spring season started to get it at a good discount. It looked to fit him, his ears had more than enough room and it seemed to fit his head very well.

Well we're not even a full month into the fly season and his mask has rubbed a spot above his eye ridge from his excessive rolling, not to mention half collapsing onto his face in bad spots afterwards.

In desperation I posted to a horse forum (COTH) looking for help for my vigorous big eared sensitive eyed roller. There were excellent options, including mule fly masks (whodathunk?), and I decided to go with Rambo as I had a Smartpak coupon plus free shipping with my smartpaks.

Well after a minute or two adjusting to the mask, Ashe seems to be quite comfortable and at home. He does look a little like a beekeeper, but I'll take him looking funny over rubbed eyes. It bounced back after rolling (wow!) and it fits him perfectly :) I took the nose piece off as it was making his nose itchy (he kept rubbing it on me, his leg, the post), and he was content to graze.

We'll see how it goes!

New Mask!

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