Sunday, November 6, 2016

Migraines, Riding and .... Bits

So pretty much since the XC outing I've been grounded. As in, can't ride due to the migraines I've been having. Plus I had a week of 12 hour days at work (stupid health benefit changes in HR)

ENT doctor says there is nothing wrong to indicate why I might be having it other than some inflammation. Says I should def go with the allergist's plan for allergy shots (my budget is crying already).

That said, we DID get out for the halloween fun show at my trainers:

Bucket Roulette: Leaping buckets like they're 2'3 - We got to 1 bucket!

At the show I noticed he's starting to exhibit the same signs he did with the rubber mullens we were using early on before moving to the KK Ultra (gaping mouth, blocking shoulder/neck, steam training, refusing to take up contact). I had been meaning to do more research into bits for a while now since the dentist mentioned that he has a very small sensitive mouth.

Realized he has a VERY thick tongue and almost no curve to his palate. *sigh* So while the KK Ultra has been good (and he's really good on a looser rein with it) it might be the reason we've keep hitting a brick wall with steady contact and evasion on his side.

So I made a leap and am going to try the wide barrel comfort snaffle in eggbutt from Myler (I'd go D-ring but they are HUGE on his tiny nose). Trainer approves the attempt. Should be shipping shortly, fingers crossed!

Thankfully the migraines seems to have settled as allergies have died down and I have a two week vacation coming up so perfect time to try it out! Fingers crossed!

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