Friday, November 11, 2016

Riding Lesson, Good News and Asking for Jingles!

No new bit yet (Holiday mucked up the shipping).

But we had our first lesson in months. Started out as a butt, but in the end he was really really good.

Trainer agreed that it's not his head we're concerned about with steering/stopping, but that he's blocking the contact with his poll, neck, and shoulders. Go figure.

Additionally a bit of news, the original boarding place I had been at is accepting Ashe back :) He's the only boarder they're agreeing to take back but I'm best pleased as it means I'll have an indoor for the winter! Woohoo!

Asking for Jingles because my trainer may have found a farm to buy! Which means I'll actually be able to board and ride with all my barn buddies instead of paying for trailering every time I want! Woohoo too!

No news on the migraines/vertigo. Been having jaw ache and ear issues the past three days even on the prednisone and nasonex so that combination is a no go. Back to the drawing board for the ENT and allergist.

Proof we jumped a single bucket! Excuse the loose rein, trot + wide reining it

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